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  Thrusday December 13, 2018  
Track 7:   
   Session:  Thu1-7 - AI in Robotics I 
  Chairs:  Xuefeng Zhou, Huihuan Qian 
     Time:  10:30 - 12:00 
  Room:  409 
  Identifying the Reality Gap between Abstract and Realistic Models using Evolved Agents and Simulated Kilobots
Jane Holland, Ciaran Gallagher, Josephine Griffith and Colm O'Riordan
  On Internal Modeling of the Upright Postural Control in Elderly
Hedyeh Jafari, Mascha Pauelsen, Ulrik Roijezon, Lars Nyberg, George Nikolakopoulos and Thomas Gustafsson
  Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Framework towards Multi-agent Navigation
Wenhao Ding, Shuaijun Li, Huihuan QIAN and Yongquan Chen
  An Automatic System for Smile Recognition Based on CNN and Face Detection
Danyang Qu, Zheng Huang, Zhenyuan Gao, Yiwen Zhao, Xingang Zhao and Guoli Song
  VolumeNet: Flexible Model for Shape Classes
Robert Cupec and Petra Durovic
  Knowledge-driven Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient for Robotic Multiple Peg-in-hole Assembly Tasks
Zhimin Hou, Haiming Dong, Kuangen Zhang, Quan Gao, Ken Chen and Jing Xu
   Session:  Thu2-7 - AI in Robotics II 
  Chairs:  Zeyang Xia, Danyang Qu 
     Time:  14:10 - 15:40 
  Room:  409 
  When Deep Meets Shallow: Subspace-Based Multi-view Fusion for Instance-level Image Retrieval
Jun Li, Bo Yang, Wankou Yang, Changyin Sun and Hong Zhang
  Towards a Robotic Chinese Calligraphy Writing Framework
Lin Gan, Wubing Fang, Fei Chao, Changle Zhou, Longzhi Yang, Chih-Min Lin and Changjing Shang
  End-to-End Navigation with Branch Turning Supportusing Convolutional Neural Network
Shunya Seiya, Alexander Carballo, Eijiro Takeuchi, Chiyomi Miyajima and Kazuya TAKEDA
  Towards Deep Reinforcement Learning based Chinese Calligraphy Robot
Ruiqi Wu, Wubing Fang, Fei Chao, Xingen Gao, Changle Zhou, Longzhi Yang, Chi-Min Lin and Changjing Shang
  3D Pose Estimation for Robotic Grasping Using Deep Convolution Neural Network
Yao Wang, Ying Xu, Xiaohui Zhang, Zhen Sun, Yafang Zhang, Song Guoli and Junchen Wang
  Sparse Reward based Manipulator Motion Planning by Using High Speed Learning from Demonstrations
Guoyu Zuo, Jiahao Lu and Tingting Pan
   Session:  Thu3-7 - Grasping and Manipulation 
  Chairs:  Ryojun Ikeura, Xuefeng Zhou 
     Time:  16:00 - 17:30 
  Room:  409 
  Development of Compliance Actuation Mechanism for Wire-driven Robotic Hand using Pressure Force
Yoshinobu Obata, Yuta Murai, Takaki Shimura, Xu Yong, Xiaobei Jing, Shunta Togo, Yinlai Jiang and Yokoi Hiroshi
  Analysis of Characteristics of Human Lifting Operation Leading to Discomfort Caused by The Difference Between Assumed Mass and Perceived Mass
Atsushi Tage, Satoru Serikawa, Ryojun Ikeura, Hideki Sawai, Shigeyoshi Tsutsumi and Soichiro Hayakawa
  Dual-Arm Coordination Using Dual Quaternions and Virtual Mechanisms
Rohit Chandra, Carlos Manuel Mateo Agullo, Juan Antonio Corrales Ramon and Youcef Mezouar
  Effective Robot Skill Synthesis via Divided Control
Osman Kaya and Erhan Oztop
  Towel-Like Object Alignment with Human--Robot Cooperation and High-Speed Robotic Manipulation
Kenichi Murakami, Shouren Huang, Hirofumi Sumi, Masatoshi Ishikawa and Yuji Yamakawa
  Reach-to-Grasp Planning for a Synergy-Controlled Robotic Hand Based on Grasp Quality Prediction
Zenghui Liu, Zhonghao Wu, Tianlai Dong, Xiangyang Zhu and Kai Xu
  Friday December 14, 2018  
Track 7:   
   Session:  Fri1-7 - Automation Technology I 
  Chairs:  Ling Wang, Peng Fang 
     Time:  10:30 - 12:00 
  Room:  409 
  2D Object Localization based Point Pair Feature for Pose Estimation
Diyi Liu, Shogo Arai, Zhuang Feng, Jiaqi Miao, Yajun Xu, Jun Kinugawa and Prof. Kazuhiro Kosuge
  A Cable-driven Robot Arm for Visual Tracking in Tokamak Vacuum Vessel
Ling Wang, Song Xu, Wen Zhang, Yong Liu and Yingwei Xia
  Integration of Visual Information and Robot Offline Programming System for Improving Automatic Deburring Process
zengliang lai, Rentao Xiong, Hongmin Wu and Yisheng Guan
  Increasing Precision of The Raven-II Surgical Robot by Applying Cascade Control
Kim Lindberg Schwaner, Pernille Tine Jensen and Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu
  The Implementation of Tool Path Generation for the Robot Application
He Lyu, Meng Li, Jiaoyang Guo, Jingwen Tong, Yue Liu, Chunxia Zheng and Zexiang Li
  Extension of the FEM Analysis using the PDE-Toolbox of Matlab with regard to Point Loads, Line Loads, and Freeform Surface Loads: Feature Surface Concept
Yilun Sun and Tim C. Lueth
   Session:  Fri2-7 - Automation Technology II 
  Chairs:  Wenqiang Wu, Peng Fang 
     Time:  14:40 - 16:10 
  Room:  409 
  Off-line optimal trajectory planning of industrial welding robot with Hybrid Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm
Amruta Rout, BBVL Deepak, Golak Mahanta and Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal
  Development of A Novel Vaccum-Suction Gripper Capable of Changing Gripping Position
Chen Huanle, Chen Jietao, Luo Jian, Zhang Hao, Guan Yisheng and Zhu Haifei
  Automatic programming system for grinding robot of CHSR rail
Jialong Li, Taibei Yuan, Wenqiang Wu, Houyao Zhu, Chunliang Zhang and Jialiang Xie
  Reactive Velocity Control Reduces Energetic Cost of Jumping with A Virtual Leg Spring on Simulated Granular Media
Sonia Roberts and Daniel E. Koditschek
  Exploiting the Natural Dynamics of Series Elastic Robots by Actuator-Centered Sequential Linear Programming
Rachel Schlossman, Gray C. Thomas, Orion Campbell and Luis Sentis
  Fast Buffer Size Design of Production Lines for Meeting the Desired Throughput
Sixiao Gao, Toshimitsu HIGASHI, Toyokazu KOBAYASHI, Kosuke TANEDA and Jun Ota
   Session:  Fri3-7 - Motion Planning 
  Chairs:  Zhijun Zhang, Andrey Savkin 
     Time:  16:30 - 18:00 
  Room:  409 
  Comparisons among Six Numerical Methods for Solving Repetitive Motion Planning of Redundant Robot Manipulator
Zhijun Zhang, Lingdong Kong, Ziyi Yan, Ke Chen, Shuai Li, Xilong Qu and Tan Ning
  UAV Path Planning System based on 3D Informed RRT* for dynamic obstacle avoidance
Jiawei Meng, Sebastian Kay, Angran Li and Vijay Pawar
  A Gaussian Mixture Models based Multi-RRTs method for high-dimensional path planning
Xin Zhao, Huan Zhao, Shaohua Wan and Han Ding
  Reactive Deployment of Flying Robot Base Station over Disaster Areas
Hailong Huang and Andrey Savkin
  The Playback Trajectory Optimization Algorithm for Collaborative Robot
Youdong Chen, Qiangguo Feng and Jiaxin Guo
  Automatic Tool Path Generation Strategy Based on Feature Extraction of 3D Models
Jingwen Tong, Yunjiang Lou, He Lyv, Yue Liu and Xiansheng Yang
  Saturday December 15, 2018  
Track 7:   
   Session:  Sat1-7 - Manipulator 
  Chairs:  Ebrahim Mattar, Wuxiang Zhang 
     Time:  10:30 - 12:00 
  Room:  409 
  An Overload Protector Inspired by Joint Dislocation and Reduction for Shoulder of Humanoid Robot
Ru Kang, Huaxin Liu, Fei Meng, Runming Zhang, Xiaoshuai Ma, Botao Liu, Aiguo Ming and Qiang Huang
  Design of Small-Scale Filament Winding & Placement Machine
Yongxin Lv, Wuxiang Zhang, Huichao Deng and Xilun Ding
  Kinematic Analysis of a Redundant Actuated Five Degrees of Freedom Parallel Mechanism
Xiaolong Yin, Bin Li and Xinhua Zhao
  A New Manumotive Linear Variable Stiffness Adjuster(ML-VSJ):Design and Modelling
Bo Zhao, Haifei Zhu, Yu Zhong, Shili Chen and YS Guan
  Relative Dynamic Modeling of Dual-Arm Coordination Robot
Jianhua zhang, Xiaolin Xu, Xuan Liu and Minglu Zhang
  Manipulation Related EEG Brainwave Feature Extraction and Events Recognition for Robotics Learning Applications
Ebrahim Mattar and Hessa Al-Junaid
   Session:  Sat2-7 - Robot Manipulation 
  Chairs:  Juan Rojas , Xuefeng Zhou 
     Time:  14:10 - 15:40 
  Room:  409 
  Contact Force/Torque Prediction and Analysis Model for Large Length-diameter Ratio Peg-in-hole Assembly
Yuchen Wang, Peng Wang, Changchun Liu, Gaoming Hao, Zhao Xiong, Xusong Quan, Xiaodong Yuan and Hai Zhou
  Estimation of Hand Motion Based on Forearm Deformation
Sung-Gwi Cho, Masahiro Yoshikawa, Ming Ding, Jun Takamatsu and Tsukasa Ogasawara
  Force Feedback-Enabled Dexterous Robotic Micromanipulation Platform for Surgical Tasks
Lasitha Wijayarathne, Bryan Blaise, Donald Ward and Frank L Hammond III
  Haptic Feedback System for an Artificial Prosthetic Hand for Object Grasping and Slip Detection: A Preliminary Study
Chanaka Premarathna, Isuru Ruhunage, Damith Chathuranga and Thilina Lalitharatne
  Learning Optimal Grasping Posture of Multi-Fingered Dexterous Hands for Unknown Objects
Fangjing Song, Zengzhi Zhao, Wei Ge, Weiwei Shang and Shuang Cong
  A Novel Coupling-Parallel-Adaption Merged Underactuated Finger with Link-wheel Mechanism
Wei Song and Wenzeng Zhang

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