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  Thrusday December 13, 2018  
Track 1:   
   Session:  Thu1-1 - Robot Control and Manipulation 
  Chairs:  Zhidong Wang, Mohammad J. Sadigh 
     Time:  10:30 - 12:00 
  Room:  401 
  A Pneumatically-Actuated Variable-Stiffness Robot Arm Using Parallel Flexures
Venkatasubramanian Kalpathy Venkiteswaran, Ruiqi Hu and Hai-jun Su
  Vision Based Cable Assembly in Constrained Environment
Chenhang Jiao, Xin Jiang, Xiang li and Yunhui Liu
  Influence of Filling Strategies on the Tensile Strength and Anisotropic Properties of Droplet-based 3D-printed Parts
Konstantin Struebig, Felix Diller and Tim C. Lueth
  Research on Single Cell Precision Cutting Technology Based on Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Vibration
Xiwei Gao, Haibo Huang, Liguo Chen, Su Yan, Yaqing Li and Lining Sun
  Online Adaptive and LSTM-based Trajectory Generation of Lower Limb Exoskeletons for Stroke Rehabilitation
Feng-Yan Liang, Chun-Hao Zhong, Xuan Zhao, Davide Lo Castro, Bing Chen, Fei Gao and Wei-Hsin Liao
  Steering Control for Autonomously Balancing Bicycle at Low Speed
Yongchao Yu and Mingguo Zhao
   Session:  Thu2-1 - Bio-inspired Robotics I 
  Chairs:  Aiguo Ming, Lei Wang 
     Time:  14:10 - 15:40 
  Room:  401 
  A Robust Dual-axis Virtual Reality Platform for Closed-loop Analysis of Insect Flight
Kiaran Lawson and Mandyam Srinivasan
  Central Pattern Generator Control for a Biomimetic Robot Fish in Maneuvering
Fengran Xie and Ruxu Du
  Design of an Integrated Hand-foot End-effector for Multi-legged Robots
Kun Xu, Bin Li, Peijin Zi, Xilun Ding and Wei Ji
  Efficient Thrust Generation in Fish Caudal Fins using Policy Search
Yixi Shan, Yagiz Bayiz and Bo Cheng
  Design and Implementation of Jumping Robot with Multi-springs Based on the Coupling of Polyarticular
Lei Wang, Fei Meng, Huaxin Liu, Xuxiao Fan, Ryuki Sato, Aiguo Ming and Qiang Huang
  Design and Experiments of a Compliant Adaptive Grasper Based on Fish Fin Structure
Wenfu Xu, Heng Zhang, Ningjing Zheng and Han Yuan
   Session:  Thu3-1 - Robot Sensing and Application 
  Chairs:  Wei-Hsin Liao, Haibo Huang 
     Time:  16:00 - 17:30 
  Room:  401 
  Coral Identification and Counting by an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Md Modasshir, Sharmin Rahman, Oscar Youngquist and Ioannis Rekleitis
  Bin Picking of Reflective Steel Parts using a Dual-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network Trained in a Simulated Environment
Jonatan S. Dyrstad, Marianne Bakken, Esten I. Grotli, Helene Schulerud and John Reidar Mathiassen
  Perception of Vehicle and Traffic Dynamics Using Visual-Inertial Sensors for Assistive Driving
Yinlong Zhang, Wei Liang, Hongsheng He and Jindong Tan
  A Grasp Pose Detection Scheme With an End-to-End CNN Regression Approach
Hu Cheng and Max Meng
  Free Sensor Array based Relative Localization System for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy
Yangxin Xu and Max Meng
  Vibration-based Anemometer Design for Mini Autonomous Sailboat
Yu Chen, Yangming Zai, Guoyin Lao, Xuening Zhang, Kaiwen Xue and Huihuan Qian
  Friday December 14, 2018  
Track 1:   
   Session:  Fri1-1 - Smart Structures and Actuators I 
  Chairs:  Guilin Yang, Satoshi Ito 
     Time:  10:30 - 12:00 
  Room:  401 
  Development of a Surgical Simulator for Training Retraction of Tissue with an Encountered-type Haptic Interface Using MR Fluid
Teppei Tsujita, Kazuya Sase, Xiaoshuai Chen, Masashige Tomita, Atsushi Konno, Masano Nakayama, Atsuhiro Nakagawa, Koyu Abe and Masaru Uchiyama
  Design and Analysis of Quadruped Robot Leg with Variable Configuration
Tianqi Yue, Kui Sun, Chuangqiang Guo and Hong Liu
  OrumBot: Origami-based Deformable Robot Inspired By An Umbrella Structure
Hritwick Banerjee, Sakshi Kakde and Hongliang Ren
  Modeling and Experimental Tests for the Voltage-Induced Response of a Circular Dielectric Elastomer Actuator
Guoteng Zhang, Yang Tian, Taihei Kawabata and Shugen Ma
  Design of a Sliding-Pin Needle Driver for a Continuum Surgical Robot
Zhaoyu Zhang, Zhonghao Wu, Lingyun Zeng, Weihao Zhang and Kai Xu
  Design and Experiments of a Redundantly Actuated Cable-Driven Parallel Robot
Han Yuan, Yongqing Zhang and Wenfu Xu
   Session:  Fri2-1 - Autonomous Robots 
  Chairs:  Rong Xiong, Weria Khaksar 
     Time:  14:40 - 16:10 
  Room:  401 
  An Efficient L-Shape Fitting Method for Vehicle Pose Detection with 2D LiDAR
Sanqing Qu, Guang Chen, Canbo Ye, Fan Lu, Fa Wang, Xu Zhongcong and Ge Yixin
  Sample-based Frontier Detection for Autonomous Robot Exploration
Wenchuan Qiao, Zheng Fang and Bailu Si
  A Resource Management Algorithm for Real-time Response of Mobile Ad hoc Cloud in Swarm Robotic System
Qirong Tang, Jingtao Zhang, Fangchao Yu, Yuan Zhang and Zhongqun Zhang
  From Time to Space: Automatic Annotation of Unmarked Traffic Scene Based on Trajectory Data
Huifang Ma, Yue Wang and Rong Xiong
  Experimental Evaluation of Multi-robot Online Terrain Coverage Approach
Avinash Gautam, Aashish Richhariya, Virendra Singh Shekhawat and Sudeept Mohan
  Developing a Distributed Architecture for Robots Control in Industrial RFID-based Cyber-physical Systems
Abdelfetah Hentout, Isma Akli, Abderraouf Maoudj and Allal Tiberkak
   Session:  Fri3-1 - Robot Control II 
  Chairs:  Yen-Lun Chen, Fei Chao 
     Time:  16:30 - 18:00 
  Room:  401 
  Backstepping based Robust Control for Space Tele-robot Systems with Finite-time Convergence
Ziwei Wang, Tao Xue, Bin Liang and Zhang Chen
  Force Control of Flexible Integrated Joint Based on Model-free Adaptive Control
Yingli Li, Yiwen Zhao, Kai Li, Zheng Wang and Xingang Zhao
  Sliding Mode Control of A SMA Actuator Based on Unscented Kalman Filter
Xiaoguang Li, Daohui Zhang, Bi Zhang and Xingang Zhao
  A Unified Mobile Manipulator Control for On-line Tip-over Avoidance Based on ZMP Disturbance Observer
Kamal Mohy el dine, Juan Antonio Corrales Ramon, Youcef MEZOUAR and Jean-Christophe FAUROUX
  Research on Gravity Compensation Algorithm of Model-free Manipulator Based on L1-norm Convex Optimization
Chenglong Yu and Hong Liu
  Nonlinear Disturbance Attenuation Control of Hydraulic Robotics
Peng Lu, Timothy Sandy and Jonas Buchli
  Saturday December 15, 2018  
Track 1:   
   Session:  Sat1-1 - Bio-inspired Robotics III 
  Chairs:  Koh Hosoda, Wenqiang Wu 
     Time:  10:30 - 12:00 
  Room:  401 
  Adaptive Serpentine Locomotion of a Snake Robot Involuntarily Activated and Modified through Sensory Feedback Affected by Longitudinal Frictional Anisotropy
Kotaro Otaka, Ahmad Najmuddin Ibrahim, Kousuke Inoue and Yasuhiro Fukuoka
  Performance of a Visual Fixation Model in an Autonomous Micro Robot Inspired by Drosophila Physiology
Qinbing Fu, Nicola Bellotto, Cheng Hu and Shigang Yue
  A New Concept of Pneumatic Tactile Sensor using Pressure Wave Propagation in a Soft Chamber
Ryo Okunaka, Shuhei Ikemoto and Koh Hosoda
  GerWalk: Lightweight Mobile Robot with Buoyant Balloon Body and Bamboo Rimless Wheel
Yasuyuki Yamada and Taro Nakamura
  Linearly Parallel and Self-adaptive Robot Hand with Sliding Base Compensation for Grasping on the Surface
Xudong Li and Wenzeng Zhang
  Development and Evolution of a Minimalist C. elegans' Bio-Inspired Foraging Algorithm for Energy-Constrained Robots
Gabriela Rabelo Andrade and Jordan Boyle
   Session:  Sat2-1 - Bio-inspired Robotics IV 
  Chairs:  Kazuyuki Ito, Takashi Takuma 
     Time:  14:10 - 15:40 
  Room:  401 
  Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control of a Continuum Manipulator
Yan Yu, Qian Shi and H.K. Lam
  Arrangement of Biarticular Muscles for Robust Landing of Single-legged Robot Driven by Antagonistic Pneumatic Actuators
Shingo Omae, Takashi Takuma and Wataru Kase
  Kinematic Optimization of a Continuum Surgical Manipulator
Shu An Zhang, Yuyang Chen, Qi Li, Bin Zhao and Kai Xu
  A Simple Rule for Quadrupedal Gait Transition Proposed by a Simulated Muscle-driven Quadruped Model with Two-level CPGs
Yasushi Habu, Yuuta Yamada, Satoshi Fukui and Yasuhiro Fukuoka
  A Soft Robotic Gripper with Sensory Feedback Fabricated by Latex using Coagulant Dipping Process
Rancimal Binoy, Bhanuka Abeygoonawardana, Chathura Kumarasinghe, Damith Chathuranga, Thilina Lalitharatne and Asitha Kulasekera
  Dynamic Analysis of Elastic Projecting Robot Inspired By Chameleon Tongue
Zhilei Zheng, Kun Wang, Xuan Wu, Qiuju Zhang and Ke Li
   Session:  Sat3-1 - Bio-inspired Robotics V 
  Chairs:  Takashi Takuma, Kazuyuki Ito 
     Time:  16:00 - 17:30 
  Room:  401 
  Design of a Locust-inspired Miniature Jumping Robot
Yaolei Shen, Wenjie Ge, Xiaojuan Mo, Zhenghang Hou, Wenbin Song, Yifei Chen and Shaofeng Jin
  Sequential Jumping-Stepping Motion on Musculoskeletal Humanoid Robot for Agile Locomotion
Dwindra Sulistyoutomo, Satoshi Nishikawa, Ryuma Niiyama and Yasuo Kuniyoshi
  Optimal Grip Planning for Biped Climbing Robots
Shichao Gu, Haifei Zhu, YS Guan and Hong Zhang
  URARAKA IV:Multi-Legged Robot with Suckers to Climb a Wall -Autonomous climbing and recovery from miss-adsorption-
Makoto Okino, Kazuki Nagayama, kazuyuki ito, Takeo Oomichi, Satoshi Ashizawa and Fumitoshi Matsuno
  Bio-Inspired Climbing Robots in Wet Environments: Recent Trends in Adhesion Methods and Materials
Mohammed Elbadawi, George Andrikopoulos, George Nikolakopoulos and Thomas Gustafsson
  A Biologically Inspired Cable Climbing Robot: CCRobot - Design and Implementation
Zhenliang Zheng, Sufeng Hu and Ning Ding

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